You may have heard or read stories about prophets like Abraham, Noah, and Moses. But what exactly is a prophet? What do Mormons believe about prophets, and how does it compare with what you believe? Take this simple quiz to find out.
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What is a prophet?

Mormons believe that Jesus Christ leads and guides His Church through prophets who are called of God. Prophets communicate directly with Jesus Christ and then teach the people and guide His Church.

Do you believe it’s important for God’s Church to be led by a prophet?

What do prophets teach?

Mormons believe prophets teach us how to find peace and happiness in a challenging world. They teach us about God’s plan and the role of Jesus Christ. They teach us about our purpose here on earth and how we can return to live with God again.

Do you believe God provides direction through prophets?

Has God always called prophets?

Following the death of Jesus Christ, there was a period of time in which God did not have prophets on the earth. But Mormons believe that throughout history God has called prophets to lead His Church and that He continues to do so today.

Do you believe God would call prophets for our time?

Do we need prophets today?

Mormons believe that God continues to follow a pattern of calling prophets. And since many of the challenges we face today are different than those faced by people who lived in earlier times, God provides direction specifically for our time through modern-day prophets.

Do you think we need prophets today?

How can we know if a prophet is called of God?

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