What is it like to be a member of a Mormon congregation? What happens on Sunday? And what about the other days of the week? Take this brief quiz to see how much you know about Mormons in your community.
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Mormon congregations are called:

Mormons live around the globe. But no matter how different those places are, one thing remains constant—every member of the Church belongs to an extended family of faith, a local group of believers called a ward. Each ward covers a defined geographical area and usually includes 200–300 people.

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All duties in a ward are performed by:

There is no paid clergy in a Mormon ward. All of the different duties, large and small, are performed by members of the congregation—that includes men, women, young men, young women, and children. Even the bishop, who leads the congregation, receives no financial compensation for his efforts.

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The Relief Society:

Founded in 1842, the Relief Society is an organization that includes all adult Mormon women. Today, it is the largest women’s organization in the world. Each ward has a local chapter. Together, the women in the Relief Society offer help, or relief, to each other and to people in the community. Sometimes that means visiting someone who is sick. Other times it means putting together care packages for international disaster relief. Women in the Relief Society offer many different kinds of service to individuals and families throughout the world.

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Mormon teenagers:

Being a teenager isn’t easy. That’s why every ward has a strong youth program that includes classes on Sunday and activities during the week. Those activities include service projects, fun stuff, spiritual experiences, and even dances. It’s how we make sure every young man and young woman has the support he or she needs to succeed, even if they don’t always get straight A’s in school.

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Only Mormons are allowed in Mormon churches

Our church buildings have a sign outside that states the full name of the Church: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And right below that, it reads, “Visitors welcome.” And we mean it. Sunday services and church activities are open to everyone. If you’re interested in seeing for yourself what a Mormon congregation is all about, find your local ward and stop by.

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